Defining your Home Staging Services

Step by step guide to defining and delivering your home staging services, including walk throughs and business templates


With "Defining Home Staging Services" you will learn how to define and package your home staging services so you can sell and deliver a range of home staging services to your customers.

The key home staging services are explained in step by step walkthroughs, and each service is fully explained and documented. You receive downloadable templates for each service that you can re brand for your business and personalize to your unique style.

You can enroll in this subject as a standalone course, and it is also included in the Art of Professional Home Staging complete programme.

Step by step guide to defining and delivering your home staging services as a professional Home Stager.


The Home Sale Consultation is your KEY service, from which all other services will follow. You will understand how to walk through the home sale consultation; from the initial contact and appointment confirmation, and what to do in the first 30 minutes, to delivering the Home Sale Consultation Report and selling up your follow on services.


Step by step guide to each of the follow on home staging services.

Including: the project plan; a home staging day; defining and delivering value services in order to sell up premium services; defining and delivering a clutter consultation & declutter day; additional services such as personal shopping; project coordination; photo staging; and trade introductions.


Downloadable sample documents & templates, for you to personalize for your business.

Including: appointment confirmation letter; terms & conditions; home sale consultancy reports; home staging project plant; a personalized "Vital Things You Need to Know" guide; value home sale assessment report; declutter guide; & client feedback form.


Jillian Hinds-Williams

Founder Home Staging Academy

Jillian Hinds-Williams is founder of the Home Staging Academy. Jillian retired after 10 years establishing and growing the UK’s first national home staging service. Jillian is now a business consultant, entrepreneur, property writer and editor.

Jillian has lived and worked in Germany, USA, Canada, and the UK, her background is with Blue Chip IT companies.

She left the corporate world to establish a successful nationwide home staging franchise business in the UK, and developed an extensive program of training courses for home stagers, estate agents and property developers in how to present and market property successfully.

Jillian is a consultant, professional writer, editor and trainer, and a Fellow of the Institute of Technical Communicators. She currently lives in Derbyshire, England.

Tina Jesson

Home Staging expert, Instructor, speaker, and queen of extraordinary experiences.

Tina first began staging homes over 25 years ago, when initially she  staged her own home for sale. She established her business delivering  home staging services to home sellers and real estate agents. She went  on to train the first independent home stagers in the UK, and built the  the first European network of independent home stagers, all of whom she  personally trained and supported.

Tina is a very popular international public speaker, regularly  speaking live at the BBC Home Shows in London, and she appeared on many  of the UK's popular home improvement TV programmes, including:

**UK Style; **Channel 4s Location, Location Location; **Selling Houses; ** Property Ladder; ** Downsize Me; ** Ruby Wax; **Tonight with Trevor McDonald; ** and more**

Tina now lives in Central Indiana in the USA, and she continues to be  a popular speaker and educator, appearing as a regular guest expert on IndyStyle TV and as professional speaker at events and shows throughout USA


Step by step guide to defining and delivering your home staging services as a professional Home Stager.

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 The best part of any TV makeover show, is where you get to see the reactions of the homeowner. Well, I have to say that is one of the best things about being a Home Stager! 

Maxine, Surrey