Colour Secrets for Professional Home Stagers

Introducing the key principles of colour, and revealing the secrets of how it is applied when staging a home for sale.


Colour Secrets for Professional Home Stagers introduces you to the key principles of colour, and how it is applied when staging a home for sale. Understanding colour is a basic requirement for anyone considering professional home staging as a career or business.

What am I going to learn in this module?

In this module you will learn the keystones of colour and how it is applied to home staging

By the end of the module you will have learnt how to :

♦   deliver a professional Colour Consultation to a client
♦   put together Mood/Ideas Boards
♦   put together Sample Boards
♦   put together Project Boards for building your home staging portfolio - a key marketing tool in your home staging business

You will receive :

♦   downloads of real life Mood Boards, Sample Boards, and Project Boards for you to use as inspiration
♦   downloads of colour wheels for printing out


Understanding colour is a key requirement for all home stagers. Learn the key principles of colour and how it is applied when staging a home for sale.


Colour is KEY! Learn the basics, from how to choose and add colour;  how colours work together and how light affects colour.


You will learn the basics of paint, which paints to choose, and the best way to test your paints.


Transform a room with a feature wall. Learn how to create a feature wall.


Understand the principles of colour schemes, and how to successfully use colour in a room scheme. 


Learn the language of colour and colour schemes that sell.


Embed your knowledge with quiz recaps, and earn your "Colour Planning for Professional Home Stagers" certificate.


An important service to offer your clients. Provide a colour consultation with this colour consultation walk through. Includes creating and using mood boards, sample boards & project boards


Colour is magic and inexpensive. You can create a mood, link different rooms and keep up to date without breaking the bank. Learn these simple colour rules to live by.


Tina Jesson

Founder Home Staging Academy, Instructor, speaker, coach

Tina Jesson is a lifelong entrepreneur, interior  designer, and trainer. She is co-founder of the British Academy of Home  Stagers and the Home Stagers Network, and is an expert trainer with the  Home Staging Academy.

Tina first began staging homes over 25 years ago, when initially she  staged her own home for sale. She established her business delivering  home staging services to home sellers and real estate agents. She went  on to train the first independent home stagers in the UK, and built the  the first European network of independent home stagers, all of whom she  personally trained and supported.

Tina is a very popular international public speaker, regularly  speaking live at the BBC Home Shows in London, and she appeared on many  of the UK's popular home improvement TV programmes, including:

**UK Style; **Channel 4s Location, Location Location; **Selling Houses; ** Property Ladder; ** Downsize Me; ** Ruby Wax; **Tonight with Trevor McDonald; ** and more**

Tina now lives in Central Indiana in the USA, and she continues to be  a popular speaker and educator, appearing as a regular guest expert on IndyStyle TV and as professional speaker at events and shows throughout USA

Jillian Hinds-Williams

Founder Home Staging Academy, technical officer

Jillian Hinds-Williams is founder of the Home Staging Academy, British Academy of Home Stagers, Home Stagers Network, and Home Stagers the UK’s first national home staging service, a business entrepreneur, property writer and editor.

Jillian has lived and worked in Germany, USA, Canada, and the UK, her background is with Blue Chip IT companies. She left the corporate world to establish a successful nationwide home staging franchise business in the UK, and developed an extensive program of training courses for home stagers, estate agents and property developers in how to present and market property successfully.

Jillian is a professional writer, editor and trainer, and a Fellow of the Institute of Technical Communicators.

Jillian currently lives in Derbyshire, England.

 The best part of any TV makeover show, is where you get to see the reactions of the homeowner. Well, I have to say that is one of the best things about being a Home Stager! 

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